At Done Right Merchandising, we don’t just refer to our team as colleagues; we call each other family. While many companies claim to foster a familial atmosphere, at DRM, it’s more than just a saying—it’s our way of life.

The Done Right Family

From the moment you join the Done Right Merchandising team— aka the Done Right family— you become part of a close-knit community that works, travels, and grows together. Our team members don’t just collaborate on projects; they embark on journeys, share meals, and spend leisure time exploring new cities as a unified force. 

The camaraderie you experience is truly comparable to having a second family!

Building Bonds On and Off the Job

One of the most remarkable aspects of our company culture is the genuine camaraderie that flourishes among team members. Whether we’re strategizing for a new store setup or unwinding after a long day of work, the bonds we form extend far beyond the workplace.

During our projects, it’s not uncommon to find our team members cheering on a local sports team, sharing a delicious meal together, or simply enjoying each other’s company while exploring the sights and sounds of a new city. These shared experiences not only strengthen our relationships but also enhance our productivity and morale on the job.

Fostered by Management

What sets Done Right Merchandising apart is the active involvement of our management team in fostering this family dynamic. Our managers lead by example, often joining our merchandising teams in the field and taking the time to connect with each member personally. They recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of every team member, often giving shout outs to acknowledge exceptional efforts and going above and beyond.

The sense of belonging and support within the Done Right family extends beyond professional achievements. Whether celebrating milestones, supporting each other through challenges, or simply sharing a laugh, our team members stand together through thick and thin.

At Done Right Merchandising, we believe that when you join us, you’re not just starting a job—you’re becoming part of a family. Together, we embrace the spirit of teamwork, camaraderie, and mutual respect that defines our company culture. 

Join the Done Right Merchandising Family

If you’re someone who values teamwork, camaraderie, and meaningful connections, then consider joining the Done Right family as a Traveling Merchandiser. As part of our team, you’ll not only have the opportunity to showcase your merchandising skills but also experience the thrill of exploring new places and forging lifelong friendships along the way. Apply now and become a vital member of our close-knit community at Done Right Merchandising.